WELCOME TO HO ALOHA a place so full of attractions it will make all five of your senses dance!

OUR VISION TSUNAGARI Conect with people from all over the world


We think of your having chosen Ho Aloha for your stay across the sea on Ishigakijima Island as a happy connection or, as we say in Japanese, “tsunagari.”
The name of our guest house, Ho Aloha, comes from Hawaiian and means people who are dear to us, and precious friends.
The feeling of connection when you meet people on a trip which is precious to you is a wonderful thing, too.
For our logo, too, rather than going for a heart shape like the ones people make by themselves from their own two hands, we decided to convey a feeling of connection by using the little hand of a child and the large hand of an adult.
Maybe it could be the hands of travelers and the hands of the children of the island…

We hope you will also be able to treasure a connection of your five senses in the midst of the warm people, the ocean, the starry skies, the sun, the rainbows, the wind and all the grand nature of Ishigakijima Island.



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