“Have a relaxing and happy time at Ho Aloha.”

Life by the ocean…
“Have a relaxing and happy time at Ho Aloha.”
I’m Nao, the owner of Ho Aloha, and I’m in charge of coming up with fun times so that your stay with us will be a happy one :-).
“I’m really happy now…” “This is really fun…” Do you feel like that sometimes, right deep down in your heart?
Do you sometimes laugh so much you have to hold your sides? Sometimes, does something make your heart skip a beat?
Are you sure you’re not working too hard :-)?
Everyone has their own way of having fun, don’t they?
But laughing makes everyone feel happy and relaxed.
At Ho Aloha, we want you to have just such a “relaxing and happy time.”
Ishigakijima Island’s starry skies are absolutely amazing too, and really healing.
And so are the times when you wake up…and the morning sun has already risen 🙂
We will help make your holiday in Ishigakijima Island a really good one.

My persona history

After graduating from Tokyo YMCA College of Social Gymnastics and Nursing (Department of Infant Physical Education), I took up a position with the YMCA in Tokyo as an instructor. The joy and emotion I felt through physical education for young children, gymnastics, swimming, skiing, baby and maternity swimming and swimming with people with disabilities really touched my heart, and they still play a big role in my life.
After that, being a child of nature with a yearning to be somewhere nature was, fate led me to Minakami-cho in Gunma Prefecture where, drawn to outdoor activities I took up a canoe job.
While repeating a cycle of living and traveling in which I would spend six months over the summer season in Japan, then chase the summer and work a summer job again overseas :-)…
I became drawn by the fun of working outdoors and decided to start up my own kind of canoeing company, so I piled on the training and then, using the qualifications and experience I had built up, I went ahead and did it.
Meeting lots and lots of wonderful guests, sharing stories, and getting more and more repeat visitors. Days to be thankful for. On all of the tours, I was able to share the allure of playing in glorious nature…and really say to myself, “Nature = heart.”
With no idea that my 15 years of outdoor life experience on fields of water were going to connect to a new fascination for me…
…I just had a sudden impulse…to go backpacking on Ishigakijima Island.
The blue of the ocean, the warm people, the tasty, steaming Yaeyama noodles, the fresh excitement I felt whenever I canoed out onto the field of the ocean, the way the colorful fish seemed to be having so much fun among the rays of sunlight whenever I dived into the sea…This was an island where I would feel the joy of making things, and an island that would show me the way to live my life.
“Changing from mountain fields to fields on the ocean…I will only live once, and I should be able to get something big out of it.” With that thought, I made the decision to move to the island.
After much trial and error, and after meeting, connecting with and getting support from lots of people, I was able to open Guest House Ho Aloha in 2015. Life is a journey.
I want to convey how much fun this island is, the energy you get from the sea here, the allure of playing in nature and the rhythm of a lifestyle which is in time with the sun.
I will share all kinds of fun things with you, little by little.


Hobbies: Canoeing, crafts (dyeing), swimming in the sea in the early evening
Color: Passion pink
Music: Jack Johnson, One Love
Food: Tuna and red wine
Things I love about Ishigakijima: The ocean, the stars and the lively children
Motto: Do for others what you would want others to do for you
Recent big laugh: I had an encounter with a drunk driving check point while driving in Tokyo. Maybe the machine wasn’t ready or something, because the police officer told me to breathe on him directly, but after he said that I just couldn’t stop laughing.
qualification 資格

Wilderness First Aid (outdoor/disaster first aid license), YMCA Department of Infant Physical Education (outdoor camp instructor, sports and health practice instructor, sports instructor for disabled people), Japanese Red Cross first aider, infant and regular lifesaving course, swimming instructor, One Star Diver, health manager, Test in Practical English Proficiency Level 2, Face & Body Painting Trade Skill Test Levels 1 and 2, Maternity Painting Artist Diploma, currently taking a course for a second class boat operator’s license, certified Japan Canoe Federation instructor (recreational canoeing), disaster prevention manager, permission to operate a ryokan business

Hobbies: Trampolining, canoeing, SUP, mountain climbing, playing in waterfalls
Color: Color of the sea
Music: Funky Monkey Babys
Things I love about Ishigakijima: My secret amazing view spots are AWESOME! I’ll show you :-).
Motto: Give any challenge a try
Dream for the future: Either to be a tour guide who gets to play with wild dolphins, or a flying trapeze artist in Cirque du Soleil
How others see you: Like a sunflower. A Lilo from a southern land.
An innocent wild girl.
So friendly I think the whole human race is my friend.
Watch out when she says, “Hey, come over here!”
Recent big laugh: When a workman asked mom to tell him the set up for a job, and mom misunderstood and said seriously, “OK, I better be in charge then!” The workman got a big laugh, too!

Ishigakijima Island is my beloved Treasure Island!
You can play in the ocean until sunset after school, too. There is also a secret waterfall where you can dive in with a Tarzan rope, catch shrimps 🙂 and collect shells to make lamps with. I’ll show you some tricks on the trampoline in the guest house yard.

Hobbies: Making things, drawing, researching trendy fashion 🙂
Color: Lavender and light pink
Music: Disney
Things I love about Ishigakijima: Taking along a lunch and exploring the mangroves in a canoe & my friends on the island
Motto: “It will work out.”
Dream for the future: Design own clothes and model them too 🙂
How others see you: A girl like an island fairy. Like a butterfly.
A fashionable girl with a charming smile.
Once I get drawn into the Aloha world, I’m sure to making stuff.
Recent big laugh: When mom pretended to be a fortuneteller, told one of her friends’ fortunes and made her happy. If only she hadn’t given herself away at the end 🙂

On Ishigakijima Island, the sunsets are a different color every day. The huge rainbows with seven colors are awesome, too.
Aloha’s diary is full of pictures like that :-).
At night, I take a mat and go and look at the stars. There are so many stars it makes my eyes go funny.
There are lots of fish in the ocean, and days off school I some bread down to the ocean for them.
Don’t forget to collect some shells and make a necklace!