Meeting time
9:30 a.m.
Tour length
About 5 hours
12,000 yen (including tax)
Tour includes
Enough guides for the number of children participating, insurance, Ho Aloha Camp T-shirt, lunch, drinks, equipment, dropping off and picking up
What to bring (things to bring in your backpack)
Change of clothes, plastic bags, sunscreen, hat, flask or drinks, goggles, towel, 300 yen in small change, snacks (optional)
Wear clothes that are easy to move about in and OK to get wet
* Please wear a swimsuit underneath.
Children in their last year of kindergarten to children in the upper grades at elementary school
A professional guide chooses a playing field and provides a safe and enjoyable program of activities, taking full account of the weather on the day and the conditions at the venue.

points of cautions

○ The Ishigakijima sun is very strong, so please tell your children to drink plenty of water.

○ If any of your children have allergies or get carsick easily, please make absolutely sure that you tell the guide about it in detail beforehand.

○ We ask parents not to send their children on the tour if they think their behavior might disturb others or they might have difficulty settling down and listening to the guides.


Please be assured

After successfully completing the YMCA’s infant physical education curriculum, Ho Aloha Adventure’s owner ran an outdoor company, served as an instructor on various nature programs designed for pre-schoolers, children at elementary school and children with disabilities, and has successfully delivered numerous camp instruction, canoe instruction and recreation programs.

We take every measure with regard to safety, provide an appropriate number of experienced leaders for the number of participants, and make prompt judgments regarding weather conditions.

(Please set your mobile phone so that we will be able to connect to your number.)

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