workshop tetotetote

At Ho Aloha – when we get the feeling 🙂 – we hold a “Ho Aloha handicraft workshop.”
There are lots of writers, artists and craftsmen with special, magical hands hidden away on Ishigakijima Island :-).
How about sharing in the fun and joy of getting together and making something?
Sometimes, a grandma islander holds a cooking course on local cuisine…
We will keep you informed about any fun plans through Ho Aloha Information and Facebook. Don’t miss out!


PRICE about ¥500 – ¥3,500(tax included)
Time required:
1 to 3 hours (depending on the course)


● If you are good at handicrafts or cooking, if you are a writer or if you have an idea for a workshop, please do feel free to contact us.

Recommended for first-timers who want to see all the best spots on Ishigakijima Island!

A cheerful guide who actually lives on the island and knows every inch of it will take you wherever you want to go and show you everything you want to see.
You can get to see things only an islander could know about: beaches, great places to eat, top snorkeling spots, secret waterfalls you can play in, jungles, places with spectacular views, places where you can buy sugar cane juice, places where they make shisa statues…
Please let us know what itinerary you want to follow.

We always try to create special tours full of hospitality that will make guests think, “I’m glad I came to Ishigakijima Island…I want to come again!”
The guides always have a great time, too :-). You can take photos anywhere! We can stop anywhere!


Adult ¥10,000 (tax included)
Children (elementary student) ¥8,000 (tax included)
3-4 years old ¥6,000 (tax included)
Chartered private tour (Please contact us.)

Time required: About 7 hours

Tour includes:
guide, lunch of the day, drinks, snacks, maps, dropping off and picking up(nearby within the city)

■Payment: On the day, cash only
The cancellation policy for tours is the same as for rooms.

For inquiries and reservations, please contact us by phone.

In summer, we also hold a Kid’s Day Jungle Camp on certain days.
Please see “Kid’s Adventure Day Camp” for details.


Details: Events, festivals, carnivals, wedding receptions, Halloween, kids’ parties, stage make-up, school events, etc.
We can go anywhere on the island.
Rate: 12,000 yen/hour (Includes transportation fee and travel time.)
* For group customers and off-island customers, we can negotiate rates.
Safety: The paints we use are for use on the face and body, and basically wash off with water.
Persons with sensitive skin can try a patch test. The artist who will visit your venue has trained overseas, and has also passed the Level 1 Trade Skill Test in Japan.
You don’t have to worry about a thing.
Maternity painting
Painting a picture on the tummy of an expectant mother to give her a nice baby bulge memory is called “maternity painting.”
(For maternity painting too, we only use safe paints that are exclusively for use on the body. Our maternity painting artists are also qualified. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested.)