We are looking for helpers and part

Who we are looking for: People who are able cooperate with others with an open heart and an awareness of hospitality, so we can all create a guest house that will make guests think, “I want to come again!”
People who are able to enjoy their work, and take a willing attitude toward it. People who are interested in communicating with others in English (and will be happy to use gestures if that’s what it takes).
Job description: We aren’t a large guest house, so we ask all our staff to take in the whole picture and support each other.
■ Cleaning and management work in the guest house and yard
■ Kitchen and bar work (serving ⇨ orders ⇨ closing up ⇨ managing the stock)
■ Office work
■ Outdoor and recreation work
■ Sightseeing guide work, dropping off and picking up guests, etc.
■ And infinitely many other jobs besides!
Hourly pay: 800 yen (Raises possible.)
We also scout for part-time workers with the potential to become full-time staff.
* We do not pay transportation expenses.
The system of pay for outdoor staff varies according to qualifications and experience.
Working days and hours: Negotiable
We are ideally looking for applicants who can work 3 days a week or more, even if only for short hours.
(For the summer season, priority is given to applicants who can work 5 days a week.)
Age: As long as you are someone who will be able to enjoy putting your all into your work in order to help others, we don’t care how old you are.
Students can also apply. All nationalities are welcome.

to people who would like to be a helper

If you want to use your own time freely and enjoy your ocean life on Ishigakijima Island, we recommend becoming a helper!
You can even help us while you’re surfing.
In return for about 4 hours’ work a day, we will offer you a bed and a kitchen where you can cook for yourself.
We hope that meeting the guests will become a page in your life journey, too.
The job description and the kinds of people we are looking for are the same.
(Please discuss the work period with us. We only have a limited number of helper positions.)Please contact us if you are interested in applying to be a part-time worker or a helper.

How to inquire about work

Please inquire by phone in the first instance.
TEL: 0980-87-5508
After that, Send your resume to Ho Aloha through the post.Address:
2471-8 Arakawa, Ishigaki-shi, Okinawa 907-0024

* Please be sure you put your E-mail address in your resume.

After looking at your resume,
Ho Aloha will contact you if we think we would like you to work for us.
We look forward to hearing from you.